By 28 Dec 2020


Here are 5 of our favourite tips from the report:

Festivalization Leveraging consumer preferences to attract attendees with events that are engaging, personalized, and memorable rather than dry, obligatory, and perfunctory.

Giving Back The creation of shared value for both the organization and society as a whole is transforming the way events engage in marketing, sourcing, and collaboration with host destination communities. Concentrated Events

We are already witnessing the rise of smaller events that drive better engagement and collaboration, with 80% of meetings representing groups of 50 guests or fewer.

Commercially Viable Safety and Security Hospitality companies are also focusing on improving the buying experience and building trust with their customers while responding to safety and security concerns.

Redefining Sustainability Going beyond single-use plastics and efficient lighting to create initiatives that are tenable from an environmental, social, and cultural perspective as well as being good for business.

While the future seems bright for the meetings and events sector, the industry’s ability to address new trends while tackling the risks will ultimately mean the

difference between growing a sustainable business or failing.