Celebrity Management

If you have toyed with the idea of throwing a celebrity event then Benchmark Events is the right platform to set up a high-sounding celebrity event. We at Benchmark Events organize celebrity events like live concerts, fashion shows, product launch, showroom launch, tape cutting, cultural events, entertainment shows, exhibitions, roadshows, weddings, and parties, etc.

An array of celebrities at Benchmark Events

Our Celebrity bunch includes artists from different fields viz film industry, sports personalities, famous business leaders, popular models, philanthropists, etc. With your intended celebrities in mind, we suggest celebrities who best represent your product values and ideas.

Clever and responsible in managing the complex process

Our team takes responsibility for interacting with the celebrity that involves a lot of official and unofficial meetings, paperwork for the celebrity, licensing, etc. We handle the required things for the celebrity like the concept, your product values, vision, goals, ideas, to ensure there shouldn’t be any confusion on the event day. We make sure the celebrity is comfortable and feel homely throughout the event.

Things we do to make a dazzling event

  • Curating the concept to create a robust experience.
  • Choosing the perfect venue
  • Setting up stage, lighting, sitting arrangements, and other miscellaneous
  • Handling marketing and publicity
  • Organizing logistics
  • Managing security and risk assessment
  • Organizing lively and energetic show presenters
  • Keeping prominent things strictly confidential
  • Selection of the Menu Grid (As per the preferences of the Client)

We know what it means in handling celebrity events. Hence, we solely take up responsibility and decision to create an impact to make a super successful event.