5 things you can do to make your next event a success!

By 28 Dec 2020

You have 2 options here

Try to become an event manager and be the jack of all trades, where you try to do everything and end up giving little attention to what will actually give you a return on your investment. OR You hand over the event execution to an event management company, who do this every day so that you can concentrate on furthering relations with your attendees and ensuring your guests feel welcome out of attending the event.Our guests and our hope is, that you will choose the latter. We know, from experience, it is not possible to completely let go, which is absolutely normal and

something we appreciate. The passion is what drives any event planner to go the extra mile. We tell you what you can do to make your event a great success. Trust your Event Planner  This we list down first because it is critical to ensure a successful event. It is imperative to keep absolute transparency and be candid about what is expected. If any information is withheld regarding the work that your event planners are entrusted with, it can have adverse effects on the overall functioning of the event.Your event planner needs to see the event from your perspective to ensure flawless execution. Be the single point of Contact  With most companies, more often than not, more than one person is assigned the responsibility of seeing the event through. What is most recommended, is for the event planner to have one point of contact in order to ensure one clear channel of communication and to avoid miscommunication.This practice gives your event an organised approval structure and makes all event processes quicker and more efficient. Stick to the hierarchy This is a subtle reference to point no 2. While a single point of contact at the client's company is expected, it is important, especially during the event that only the event planner who you have been dealing with being handed out instructions. On the day of the event, you will see many event staff doing many different things, all directed by one person. If you were to hand them a set of instructions apart from what they are doing it would upset the wagon wheel completely, breaking a sprocket in the entire event machinery. Always ask the event director on site to assign someone for something you require. To give you an example: If 2 hosts are assigned the responsibility of registration, and you ask them to escort a VVIP to their seat, they may do so, but that makes you vulnerable to losing the visiting cards collected at the registration desk and also leaves your registration desk unattended. On the day, leave it to the experts: This pretty much is a compilation of all the above points put together. The reason to mention this though is that most clients don’t realize that this is what your event planner prepared for since they first received the brief. What we encourage our clients to do is, after the dry run is completed to leave the

console and logistics in our capable hands and you enjoy the event, with your point of concentration being your attendees and speakers.